"Mojo"  70" x 60", oil on canvas, price available upon request. 

“Mojo” 70″ x 60″, oil on canvas, price available upon request.

Viewing an Ellen Skidmore painting, one cannot help but notice the luminous colors and delicate images filling her paintings. Her fragile figures focus the viewer’s attention to the ephemeral nature of existence as well as the harmony and peace we seek throughout our lives. With a dainty elegance and pose, her imaginative characters evoke a true sense of purpose and strength. Music and nature seep into the heart of each work imparting a humble beauty to the canvas. To Ellen, life is a package, the good and bad, as the best of gifts.

Born in Baltimore, MD in 1963, she moved to Kentucky in 1981 where she attended a liberal arts college and later transferred to the University of Kentucky, receiving her BFA in 1988 and continued on with her graduate studies.

As a stutterer she discovered the non-verbal communication experienced in painting and the affirmation found when being with horses both incredibly liberating and profoundly grounding. Ellen is currently creating art for a children’s book on this topic. She is based in the Bluegrass area of central Kentucky. Her work is held in private collections across the United States and in Europe.