Most people take for granted the ability to speak and quite literally “say” what’s on their mind. It becomes second nature. For a small number of people, it is neither easy nor automatic. Communication is a constant struggle. Artist Ellen Skidmore is one of those people.

Skidmore will talk about her difficulties growing up with a severe speech impediment, which led her to write and illustrate a children’s book called “ELLEN: The Little Girl Who Found Her Voice” as part of the Arts Mean Business speaker series on Friday, September 25th from 7:30 to 9a.m. at NSU Art Museum, Ft Lauderdale, 1 East Las Olas Blvd. Admission is free. RSVP to

Skidmore’s book is illustrated by 28 paintings in her distinctive style – full of luminous color and delicate but whimsical subject matter. Skidmore’s paintings illustrate the 60-page book she hopes parents will read to their children to help them accept who they are — especially if they are considered to be “different” from other children – and learn to follow their passions.

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