My work is about receiving the whole package of life; the good as well as the bad as the best of gifts. In embracing all of it, I find a certain beautiful spiritual rest for my soul. The pleasure of listening to great music while I paint has let me experience an opening up. In the music I hear the pain and joy of humanity and what it means to be truly alive. The imagery of musical instruments is significant because of the unspeakably rich passion I hear from them.

Elements of nature are also a common thread; flowers, trees, streams, etc. To me the tiniest things in nature are comforting in this big, ever-changing world. The figures are portrayed in the stick-like forms because I feel we are fragile, almost ephemeral. I seek harmony and depth in the color and formal space of the canvas – a feeling of both darkness and lightness.

–Ellen Skidmore

All of the paintings below have been sold. Please contact Ellen regarding information on available pieces, commission work, or to be put on the mailing list for up-coming exhibitions.