Original Paintings Available Now

Please contact Ellen to purchase

AMITIÉ.  Oil on Canvas, 52″x42″, 2016, framed


GOLDEN.  Oil on Canvas, 60″x50″, unframed.


KISS. Oil on Canvas, 24″x18″, 2017, unframed. 


LA SENTINELLE .  24″x18″, oil on canvas, 2017, unframed. 


PLAY.  Oil on Masonite, 40.5×29″, framed.


ROLL.  Oil on Canvas, 45″x39″,  framed.


SOLO ROW.  Oil on canvas, 16″x13″, 2016, framed.


SONG OF MYSELF.  Oil on Canvas, 60″x48″, 1996, unframed. 


TRES CHIC.  oil on canvas, 55.5″x47.5″, framed.